But it 's ok

Tom Vek - Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) - LYRIC VIDEO

You think of death

the inevitable option

Not the thinking type

you just wanna tick some boxes

Now that you’re out of calm

Now that the rubber has erased it

Oh we’re attacking now 

I’m on the team the immovable object

An exotic  creature wrapped around tree your life

armed with little perfect teeth

armed with long legs dancing

armed with the type of smile  that will crack your pain  

Oh it’s so ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha

We’re just animals in the jungle Sherman,In the jungle sherman

Animals in the jungle Sherman,In the jungle sherman

What is it  on that  ramp Sherman ,on that ramp sherman

Animals in the jungle Sherman

Now you realise things have got out of control

There’s no thinking time

There’s no multiple choice

What is the action now 

How can it all just disappear

But why did you swallow that way  you aren’t gonna fool anybody in a 

In a court of law your braces hanging

You better pull up your trousers pants there’s no belt allowed

Oh these people will heckle 

they’ll want life inside and that’s when you decided you’d died